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The tiles were attached to the curved parametric building

gypsumseting | 06 Decembar, 2018 03:07

These form the basis for the attachment of the undercut anchor consisting of an anchor sleeve and a hex screw.”. Thus stress cracks are avoided.

The undercut anchor system enables the invisible and, at the same time, very secure attachment of the façade cladding. The attachment points are on the rear of the tiles.4 on the open-ended Richter scale. A special drill bit produces the cylindrical hole as well as the conical undercut in one step. The tile can be cleanly attached to the support structure with the bracket situated between anchor sleeve and screw.

When the screw is inserted, the anchor sleeve settles into the undercut hole with a positive fit and free from stress. The tiles were attached to the curved parametric building with KEIL’s undercut anchoring system. Characteristic values for wind suction loading are also available.

KEIL points out that the system has extensive building approvals meaning manufacturers of façade material no longer have to obtain their own approvals.In addition to the tiles used in Milan, other materials such as natural stone, cast stone and glass fibre reinforced concrete can also be attached with KEIL undercut technology. 


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